New Updates!!

  • Wow, thanks to everyone for the GREAT words on the Guestbook page! :) I'd love some help, so I'll be reaching out to you soon!!
  • I met the creater of the subtitles - and a very warm thank you to you for making them!!
  • The blog is now totally working!! :D
    • Comments are open, anyone can comment without registering.
    • I have currently made the default registration to be a "contributor"... this means you can write, but the comment still has to be approved. I'm wondering if I should switch the default to "author" - so people can write without approval; just concerned about some people who are writing negative and unconstructive messages.
  • Asking my colleagues to help with BG translation! :D

Welcome to Play Manifesto!

Това е новият сайт за Play Manifesto!

Play Manifesto will be a social platform for sharing the importance of rediscovering and integrating integrating Play into our lives, our schools, and our work.

Play provides a sense of purpose, mastery, and fulfillment - motivating us to innovate and thrive in both educational and business environments.

Unfortunately, most educational systems and businesses believe that Play is the opposite of work, and should be driven out (rather than integrated). But our thinking is backwards - the exact opposite is true: we should be celebrating Play, not eradicating it!

Play Survey!

The first in a series. Participate, and we'll publish the results over time!

Does your company value Play?
Not at all...
Only a little.
Thankfully, yes!!